Art is everywhere, from fine art on the walls of museums and galleries, to graffiti you can see on the street. What makes a piece of art great, is personal preference, and even the biggest art lovers disagree on who the greatest artist is. There are also many films that immortalise artists and their work, and can make fairly unknown artists, household names.

Some of the more critically acclaimed art based films include:

  • Frida – Starring Salma Hayek as the title character Frida Kahlo, is adapted from a book based on the life and works of Frida, a surrealist artist. Frida’s personal life was interesting to say the least, and the film pays homage to the artist considered to be one of Mexico’s finest.
  • My Left Foot – Starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown, an Irishman who, due to Cerebral Palsy could only control his left foot. He used his foot to write, type and paint, and the film is based on his autobiography. Day-Lewis’s portrayal of Brown earned him an Academy Award (Oscar).
  • Girl With A Pearl Earring – Starring Scarlett Johannson as the subject matter, in one of Vermeer’s most well known pieces of art. The film focuses on the relationship between Griet (Johansson), and Vermeer (Firth), and how she happened to become immortalised on canvas.

Other notable films that have art as a subject matter include: The Monuments Men – a film about soldiers sent to retrieve missing art stolen by the Germans during WW2, Mr Turner – starring Timothy Spall as JMW Turner. -The film is a biography of the artists life, love and works. An American in Paris starring Gene Kelly has a long dance scene that draws inspiration from several French paintings, and of course, who can forget the starring role “Whistler’s Mother” played in the Rowan Atkinson comedy film Bean?